Parish Councillors

All Parish Councillors are local residents who live in Catfield and were democratically elected in May 2023.  The Councillors are happy for residents to contact them on the details below and everyone is welcome to attend the monthly Parish Council meetings.


Keith Bacon                     01692 581314      [email protected]

Janet Briscoe                   07747 033056     [email protected]

Graham Edwards            07885 297213     [email protected]

Jennifer Harris                07842 553478        [email protected]

Tim Harris  (Chairman)  01692 580220        [email protected]

Nicky Jeffreys                   07966 362762       [email protected]

Angie Johnson                  07770 581706      [email protected]

Neil Jordan                        07818 451907     [email protected]

Ian Roberson                    07876  193547     [email protected]

Scott Snelling                    07522  238858    [email protected]

Polly Plowman                                                [email protected]



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