Meeting Papers

Meeting are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm in Catfield Village Hall.

2024 Meetings

3rd January                 Minutes             Agenda
7th February               Minutes             Agenda
6th March                   Minutes             Agenda
20th March (Extraordinary Meeting)    Minutes       Agenda
3rd April                      Minutes            Agenda
1st May                       Minutes            Agenda
1st May           Draft Annual Parish Meeting Minutes         Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
5th June                                               Agenda
3rd July
7th August
4th September
2nd October
6th November
4th December


2023 Meetings

4th January       Minutes     Agenda
1st February      Minutes     Agenda
1st March          Minutes     Agenda
5th April            Minutes     Agenda
17th May           Minutes     Agenda
17th May      Annual Parish Meeting Minutes   Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
7th June           Minutes    Agenda
5th July            Minutes    Agenda
2nd August      Minutes    Agenda
6th September Minutes    Agenda
4th October      Minutes    Agenda
1st November   Minutes   Agenda
6th December   Minutes   Agenda


2022 Meetings

5th January             Agenda         Meeting cancelled
2nd February          Agenda     Minutes
2nd March               Agenda         Minutes
6th April                  Minutes   Agenda
4th May          Annual Parish Meeting Agenda   Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda
1st June                  Minutes   Agenda
6th July                   Minutes   Agenda
3rd August              Minutes  Agenda
7th September       Minutes   Agenda
5th October            Minutes   Agenda
2nd November      Minutes   Agenda
7th December         Minutes  Agenda

1st December 2021   Agenda    Minutes
3rd November   Agenda    Minutes
6th October  Agenda   Minutes





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